Services available in Star Prairie

Broadband Internet Plans*

Get Connected With High Speed Broadband.

Pay bills, Email photos, surf the web, shop, play games, watch movies and so much more.

Enjoy these Features with Broadband from Northwest Communications.

  • Unlimited High Speed Internet
  • No Data Caps
  • Free Spam & Virus Email Filtering
  • Up to 5 Email Accounts
  • Web Based Email Access
  • Free Technical Support
  • Wireless Routers Available ($5 per month)

Cable Modem Broadband Internet

Download speed Upload SpeedPrice per month*
10 Mb1 Mb$39.95
10 Mb5 Mb$49.95
15 Mb1 Mb$49.95
25 Mb3 Mb$59.95
40 Mb3 Mb$79.95
*Where available, approximate maximum download speeds, and the bundle price is listed, $20 more if standalone.


Internet regulatory links

Cable Television Service

Packages and Equipment

Package or EquipmentPrice per month
Basic Package: 97 Digital Channels$71.86*
Broadcast Basic Package: Includes channels 2-19 and 80-100$18.00*
Expanded Basic Package: 80 additional channels w/ digital music**$11.95
TiVo 6 DVR $20.95
TiVo Mini $7.95
Digital Gateway$5.95
DTA Converter $3.95
DVR Gateway $12.95
Enhanced DVR Gateway$17.95
Whole Home DVR$4.95
Digital Cable Card$4.95
* A “CATV Off Air Surcharge” of $13.66 is added to all Basic Packages.
** Must have a gateway for Digital and/or Movie Packages.

Premium Movie Packages

Network/packagesPrice per month
HBO (six channels)$17.95
Showtime (nine channels)$10.95
Cinemax (four channels)$10.95
STARZ ENCORE (12 channels) $10.95

Connection Charges

TypeOne-time charge
Basic Connection$25.00
Basic Connection - New Installation$50.00
Digital Installation and Instruction$30.00