Services available in St. Joseph

Broadband Internet Plans

Get Connected With High Speed Broadband.

Pay bills, Email photos, surf the web, shop, play games, watch movies and so much more.

Enjoy these Features with Broadband from Northwest Communications.

  • Unlimited High Speed Internet
  • No Data Caps
  • Free Spam & Virus Email Filtering
  • Up to 5 Email Accounts
  • Web Based Email Access
  • Free Technical Support
  • Wireless Routers Available ($5 per month)

Cable Modem Broadband Internet

Download speed Upload SpeedPrice per month*
25 Mb3 Mb$39.95
25 Mb10 Mb$49.95
50 Mb5 Mb$59.95
75 Mb5 Mb$79.95
100 Mb10 Mb$99.95
*Where available, approximate maximum download speeds, and the bundle price is listed, $20 more if standalone.

Faster Speeds Available in certain areas!

GigaMax (includes wireless)

Download speed Upload SpeedPrice per month*
50 Mb20 Mb$69.95
100 Mb40 Mb$89.95
250 Mb50 Mb$119.95
500 Mb100 Mb$159.95
1000 Mb200 Mb$199.95
*Where available and the bundle price is listed, $20 more if standalone.




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Cable Television Service

Packages and Equipment

Package or EquipmentPrice per month
Basic Package: 97 Digital Channels$92.02
Broadcast Basic Package: Includes channels 2-19 and 80-100$19.00*
* CATV Off Air Surcharge: Added to all Basic Packages$32.68
Expanded Basic Package: 33 additional channels **$11.65
Digital Gateway$5.95
DTA Converter $3.95
DVR Gateway $12.95
Enhanced DVR Gateway$17.95
Digital Cable Card$4.95
** Must have a gateway for Digital and/or Movie Packages.


Premium Movie Packages

Network/packagesPrice per month
HBO (six channels)$17.95
Showtime (nine channels)$17.95
Cinemax (four channels)$10.95
STARZ ENCORE (12 channels) $10.95

VOIP Phone Service

Our VOIP Phone service is $29.99/month. It includes the following features:

  • Unlimited long distance (does not include international calls)
  • Voice mail
  • Call waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Three-way calling

Services from Northwest Communications

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