Available in Amery, Clayton, Deer Park, New Richmond, Saint Joseph, Somerset, Star Prairie and Turtle Lake

IPTV is now available in areas where traditional Cable TV is not available. This service offers standard and HD TV over your existing DSL connection. Most telephone and DSL customers will be able to get this new service. Please call to check availabilty in your area or if you have questions.

Packages and Equipment

Package or EquipmentPrice per month and description
Basic Package:67 standard def and 39 HD channels: $71.29*
Expanded Package:41 additional SD and 9 HD channels: $15.00
Additional IPTV Receiver$7.95
Upgraded IPTV DVR$6.95
Whole Home DVR is available for $4.95 per month, call for details.
The basic package includes 1 IPTV receiver. You can add receivers or upgrade to a DVR.
* A “CATV Off Air Surcharge” of $13.66 is added to all Basic Packages.

Premium Movie Packages

Network/packagesPrice per month
HBO (six channels)$17.95
Showtime (nine channels)$10.95
Cinemax (four channels)$10.95
STARZ ENCORE (13 channels) $10.95